• Amalthea

    Data Lake Management Platform

  • About Amalthea

    Data lake done right!

    Amalthea allows you to drastically reduce the cost of setting up and managing a successful data lake within your company.

    • Create a catalog of your integrated data
    • Automate the preparation and provisioning of data to the data analysts , data scientists and third-party systems
    • Monitor the integration and preparation of raw data
    • Compute a statistical analysis of the data in the data lake
    • Ensure the compliance of your data lake to your security and privacy requirements


  • Data Catalog

    Catalog every databases, tables and fields in your Data Lake. Easily search through all your business, technical or operational metadata for easy data discovery/curation.

    Data Provisioning

    Automatic conversion from raw data to clean, actionable data exposed through Hive, Impala or Spark to the data analysts, data scientists and third-party systems

    Data Monitoring

    Assess the quality and the freshness of your data in the Hadoop cluster at a glance.

    Monitor your data integration and data provisioning pipelines to keep your Data Lake clean and up to date!


    Data Governance

    Allow users to apply data governance policies that protect sensitive data, manage access and increase trust in data quality and validity

  • Enterprise Data Catalog

    Fast and simple research across all metadata

    Self service data discovery and exploration

  • Data Provisioning

    Supports a wide range of data types : CSV, XML, JSON, Fixed width...

    Convert raw data to structured efficient format : Parquet, Avro

    Access clean, usable and secure data available through Hive, Impala or Spark

  • Data Governance

    Identify and mark sensitive data in the Data Catalog

    Ensure proper data use and access

    Address data privacy and regulation issues

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